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Rules and Boots!

The 2011 Scottish Tooling Series rules have been updated. I have highlighted the main changes below:

The full rules can be viewed here:

Rock shoes and axes

1. Rock Boots – Following much discussion we have decided to allow rock shoes to be used while also allowing use of Outdoor boots (big boots) and fruit boots the choice is yours. The route setters guideline have been updated and they will now be able to set the routes including technical footwork!

The new rule is as follows:

VI. Routes are set and graded for the use of standard rock climbing shoes.
Competitors can choose to use one of the following types of footwear:
1. Rock Shoes
2. Stiff Soled Mountain Boots , rated by the manufacturer at 4 seasons or B2 as a minimum
3. Competition specific ‘Fruit Boots’ with Crampons removed.
Competitors will also need stiff soled mountain boots, rated by the manufacturer at 4 seasons or B2 as a minimum, for use on certain routes internal ice routes and external routes, along with appropriate crampons (see section 4 below).
Participants wearing unsuitable footwear will be asked to change them or may be asked to stop climbing and take no further part in the event.


2.Tight Roping – we strive to discourage any form of cheating and have added the following:

XXII. If a belayer is found to be providing a tight rope, either wilfully or not, they will be deducted ten (10) points from their overall competition score.

The evolution of the STS rules is intended to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all involved. If you have any specific questions or suggestions for the future please address them to pete@scottishtoolingseries.co.uk or neil@scottishtoolingseries.co.uk

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